We offer stretching, framing, and even mounting, for canvas paintings, cross stitch/embroidery, silks and mixed media

  • Canvas


    a triple frame draws attention to a small painting

  • Cross stitch

    Cross stitch

    stretched fabric under a double mat and museum glass for minimal glass reflection

  • Canvas


    4 layers of frame precisely match the painting

  • Canvas


    stretched and framed for a traditional, masculine look

  • Canvas


    gallery wrapped canvas, nestled in a float frame where the edges of the canvas are exposed.

  • Canvas


    traditionally, oil and acrylic paintings are not behind glass, however, the addition of a double mat and museum glass provides an added layer of protection while still allowing the painting to "breathe"

  • Canvases


    a clean and contemporary triple stacked profile unites a series of paintings

  • Canvas


    a float frame surrounds a canvas stretched over a stretcher bar, without impeding over the artwork.


We frame it all, even if it is three dimensional. Jerseys and sports equipment, flowers, ketubahs, magazines, and sculptures are all materials we have experience with.

  • Child's ballet shoes

    Child's ballet shoes

    an acrylic box preserves a pair of tiny pointe shoes

  • Awards


    multiple items from an award ceremony are floated, meaning, the items hover over the matting but aren't covered by it

  • Military Honors

    Military Honors

    treasured items bring honor to military service. Deep shadowboxes preserve items for generations to come

  • playful matting

    playful matting

    depth is introduced by layering 6 mats, a real bullseye for design.

  • Sports Equipment

    Sports Equipment

    a shadowbox is defined by the sides, build up into a box that is deep enough to hold these vintage golf clubs

  • Personal Effects

    Personal Effects

    A rosary and wedding band framed in royal blue suede with a gold frame and gold fillet, transform these items into a loving memory

  • jerseys and clothing

    jerseys and clothing

    There are a variety of options for framing clothes, gowns and other fabric items. These are just two options.


We love paper! We frame limited edition prints, posters, diplomas, original art and drawings, newspapers, photographs and more.

  • Embossed Mat

    Embossed Mat

    We offer special effects such as mat embossing, pictured here.

  • Special cuts

    Special cuts

    Special mat cuts highlight the shape of this VIP pass and ticket stub.

  • floated mat

    floated mat

    this love note floats over a green mat, framed by a gold fillet and linen mat that are raised up, creating visual depth that subtly drawn the viewer in for a closer look.

  • Large and small

    Large and small

    items large and small can be framed creatively, or very simply.

  • Reverse Bevels

    Reverse Bevels

    mats cut with reverse bevels show no white edge, instead they cast a subtle shadow, and are an excellent touch of minimalism for art that has no white.